Circular Weaving Looms

Circular Looms

Mandals Technology AS has developed  and manufactured Circular Looms since the 1930’s, and is now the leading global developer and manufacturer of this machinery, which is used for the production of lay flat hoses.

The origin of Mandals Technology dates back to 1775, with the foundation of Mandals Reberbane for production of ropes to the sailing vessels. Our sister company is named Mandals AS and is today a global supplier of lay flat hoses for agriculture, industry, fire etc..

The development and improvement of the Circular Looms benefit from the experience gained from the lay flat hose manufacturing.

Mechanical Workshop

Mandals Technology has developed more models of the Circular Loom. We have engineers and tools to cover all tasks from initial idea until the finished products. A well equipped modern workshop with up-to-date machinery as well as skilled staff makes us both competitive and innovative. Over the last years we have invested heavily in machinery and we now open up to reach a broader market through production for external companies in addition to the continued cooperation and production for our sister company.

Mandals HM604

The model HM604 is the proven and most versatile circular weaving loom.

Mandals HM1500

HM1500 is the preferred loom to smaller sized and first quality jackets.

Mandals HM3000

The model HM3000 is the original high capacity and high quality loom.