Circular Weaving Looms

Mandals HM3000

HM3000 has 50% higher productivity than the 2-shuttle HM604 loom.

HM3000 is just as versatile as other loom models.

HM3000 has Plain and Twill weave patterns as standard.

HM3000 has more parts common to other loom models, which reduces customers’ need for spare part stock.

HM3000 has air nozzles around the weaving point to control its temperature. A sensor will stop the loom if the temperature limit is exceeded. Air consumption is 150 litres per minute at 5 bar (3 nozzles).


Max shuttle speed 150 rpm
No. of shuttles 3
Weft bobbin load 3 kg
Total weft load 9 kg
Diameter range 20 – 160 mm
No. of warp openings 411
Footprint diameter 1650 mm
Motor size 7,5 kW
Noise level 92 – 95 dB
Noise level with cap 83 – 86 dB
Weight 1350 kg