Circular Weaving Looms

Mandals HM604

HM604 is developed continously since 1974 when the Shedding Wheel System was invented. The patent covered most countries.

HM604 is developed from experience gained within our hose factory. It has become a “standard loom” for manufacturers of quality fire hose worldwide.

HM604 typically runs 3-shift all year through. Its functionality is focused on zero fault production giving very productive weaving capacity.

HM604 has low maintenance cost and its lubrication is made through closed volumes giving a “dry loom”.

Plain and Twill weave patterns are standard and other weave patterns are available on request.





Max shuttle speed 150 rpm
No. of shuttles 2
Weft bobbin load 2 kg
Total weft load 4 kg
Diameter range 20 – 110 mm
– with extra accessories up to 260 mm
No. of warp openings 478
Footprint diameter 1980 mm
Motor size 7,5 kW, optional 5,5 kW
Noise level 92 – 95 dB
Weight 1600 kg